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Advisory Board

Minerva & Me is a research project being run from the University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.

The purpose is to provide a patient engagement portal for people around the world to engage directly with research into using computers to aid diagnosis of diseases from photographs.

The research is being led by Dr. Christoffer Nellaker and is a collaborative effort between researchers across many departments within the University and across the world. Dr. Christoffer Nellaker, PhD is based in the Big Data Institute at the University of Oxford.

Advisory Board

Minerva & Me is designed to develop and improve with time. To make sure this is done right, Minerva & Me has an Advisory Board which will have oversight of all proposed additions and changes. On the Advisory Board are representatives from patient interest groups, clinical geneticists and also expertise in legal, information security and data governance matters

Among the aspects the board will consider are how Minerva & Me:

  • Communicates with you
  • Ethically and securely collects, stores, and uses your information
  • Develops in the future with added functionality or collaborations with other academic researchers

Advisory Board Members: